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Owl Alert - Pest Control

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Owl alert is the new way to target outdoor pests without harming them or your pets.

Add Owl Alert To Your Garden

Owl Alert mimics the look of a real owl. Not only does it target outdoor pests, it makes a beautiful decorative statue in your garden. Place in your front yard, backyard, garden, patio, or on your deck.

Pesticide-Free Pest Control

Say goodbye to those harmful pesticides and chemical sprays! With Owl Alert, you can target pests without toxic pesticides. Keep your garden pesticide- and chemical-free with Owl Alert.

The secret is the combination of the motion activated sensor which emits ultrasonic sound that outdoor pests can hear, and the flashing red eyes alert them. 


  • Ultrasonic Sound
  • Owl Alert gives off an ultrasonic sound that targets and bothers critters. You won’t hear a thing but the sound waves are unpleasant to raccoons, deer, rabbits, squirrels, and mice.
  • Red, Flashing Eyes
  • When the sun goes down, Owl Alert features glowing red eyes that targets pests after dark
  • Motion-Activated
  • When an animal gets in range, it triggers Owl Alert’s motion-activated sound and light.