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Perfect Pancake Pan

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Now you can make amazing and perfect pancakes with this perfect pancake pan!

Also, you could use this pancake maker to make perfect eggs.

Make four perfect pancakes or eggs all at the same time!

The easy flip and nonstick way: cook, flip, and serve!

It doesn't require a spatula to cook!

Fast and easy and no added fat!


  • You can prepare pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese etc.
  • Makes 4 fun pancakes (2 heart and 2 round) at one time
  • Just pour it, cook it, flip it and serve it
  • Fast and easy
  • Non-stick, no spatula needed
  • Quickly and easily make your favorite fruit-filled flapjacks, chocolate chip pancakes or gingerbread pancakes
  • Great for eggs too!
  • Material: Nonstick metal