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Photocatalyst Mosquito Control Lamp

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Enjoy a mosquito-free home by getting your own Photocatalyst Mosquito Control Lamp.

Gone are the days when you get disturbed while sleeping by annoying mosquito's.

It ensures the safety of your children at home and providing a good night's rest.

With this secret weapon, no mosquito will ever harm you and your family again.

The Photocatalyst Mosquito Control Lamp is both ideal for indoors and outdoors.

No mosquito equals no problem, grab this Mosquito Killer Lamp Light now!


  • LED ultraviolet light source. Using the LED's special spectrum and specific light band, the use of chip technology to control the amplitude of the LED frequency to attract pests.
  • LED lure chip:
  • Anti-light attenuation, strong stability, the use of nano-light wave ionization technology + LED import lure chip, can replace mosquito coils and chemical spray.
  • 360 degrees light, LED purple light to attract mosquitoes, no radiation,no pollution.
  • Whirlwind absorption, all-round anti-mosquito:
    The use of special turbine blades, in the absorption process to produce a strong centrifugal force, make the mosquito sucked into the lamp.


  • Effective Area: 60m2
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Power: 5W
  • USB powered
  • Color: Black and white