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Pucci Pups – Cocker Spaniel

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You’ll be happier than a dog with two tails thanks to Pucci Pups!

This Fancy Puppy is Ready to Start Playing!

Say hello to puppy kisses, and say hello to your new Cocker Spaniel puppy! This super cute puppy will always be ready for a squeeze, no matter what time of day it is. Brush its fur with its brand-new comb and rearrange its pink bow.

Gently put it into its new pink and gold purse by unzipping the mesh front – great for her to see where you’re taking her next.

Show your friends how well-trained your new fancy friend is, and show your parents how well you can take care of your new puppy. This glam girl is ready for whatever you have in mind!

This 8-inch plush Cocker Spaniel has a short golden coat with bushy legs and ears for you to nuzzle into.

The well-made body makes her perfect for posing, playing, and cozy snuggling.

She even comes with some awesome accessories to keep her looking adorable:


  • A super-soft pink bag covered in little gold dots
  • A detachable pink bow over her ear to show her friends how fancy she is
  • A pink comb to keep her fur looking silky soft and extra lovable