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Restform Cool Pillow

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Introducing the Restform Cool Pillow, the innovative new memory foam pillow designed with a top layer of gel that instantly cools your head and continues to keep you cool and refreshed, all night long.

Hot, sweaty nights of “tossing and turning” and “pillow flipping” just to find a more comfortable, cooler spot can ruin a good night’s rest, and leave you feeling even more exhausted than when you went to bed. 


  • Consistent all night comfort & cooling
  • No more overheating and excessive perspiration
  • More uninterrupted hours of deep sleep
  • Proper neck and spinal support
  • Lowered risk of neck, head and shoulder pain
  • Optimal airway extension (to help combat snoring/sleep-apnea)
  • Hypoallergenic protection
  • An overall sense of wellness and energy
  • Better productivity and concentration 
  • Less irritability
  • Feel more rested

How it works: 
The soothing gel layer is naturally cool to the touch at room temperate. As you sleep, this layer of gel absorbs and dissipates heat from your skin while simultaneously transferring coolness to your head, neck and face, while the 3D Gel layer surface ensures continuous air flow, allowing hot moist air to escape.

Restform Cool Pillow has been orthopedically optimised to ensure all-night-long spinal support. Consisting of millions of microscopic air pockets, the memory foam conforms to your every move, providing proper neck and spine alignment while gently cradling your head to keep you comfortable. Whether you sleep on your back, your side or stomach, you can trust the Restform® Cool Pillow to keep your spine stable and relaxed at all times.

Say goodbye to hot, uncomfortable, restless nights and start enjoying life more by waking up refreshed and energised everyday with Restform Cool Pillow.