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Reusable 12-pack Bamboo Straws

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Single use plastic straws are absurdly wasteful and are thrown away after minutes of use. Every year millions of straws end up clogging our landfills and polluting our oceans. Plastic products not only need hundreds of years to decompose but also cause severe damage to the environment and threatens marine life.

Bamboo Straws are made from organic bamboo harvested far away from pandas from abundant, fast-growing bamboo plantations.

The bamboo straws can be washed and reused multiple times.
Biodegradable and organic, there’s no damage done to the environment.
Free from chemical dyes and carcinogenic compounds found in plastic straws.


  • Safe, reusable and eco-friendly: Bamboo straws are the natural choice for green, eco-friendly households.
  • These 12 Bamboo straws can be used for years to come - replacing hundreds or thousands of plastic straws.
  • You'll never have to litter the environment with disposable straws that can cause problems with fragile wildlife
  • Suitable for cold beverages, warm water, thin smoothies, beer, fruit juice, cocktails, coffee, tea, etc.


  • 12 x Bamboo Straws.
  • 2 x Cleaning brushes.