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Sidesleeper Pro- Therapeutic Neck And Back Pillow

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The Side Sleeper Pro  is the unique new therapeutic pillow that will truly change the way you sleep.

By supporting your neck, shoulders and spine, the Side Sleeper Pro pillow softly helps guide your body into perfect alignment so you'll wake up fully refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Its shape was designed to make adjusting to side sleeping easier and more comfortable. It puts you in the correct side sleeping position to minimize unhealthy sleeping. Aids in a reduction of body aches and pains, less snoring and a more comfortable nights sleep.

Simply insert your shoulder into the curve area of the pillow, place your ear in the ear well. Once completed - your body is automatically positioned correctly for a good-night’s sleep. Its patented design utilizes a long tale that cradles your back and an ear well to guide your body into the correct posture!


  • The amazing pillow helps correct your sleep posture
  • Correctly positions your head and neck so you will sleep properly and wake up refreshed.
  • Improves your sleep posture to help you get a great night sleep.
  • Specially designed earwell for added comfort
  • Relieves pressure on the neck
  • Wake up with less stiffnness


  • Dimensions: approx 52 x 42 x 11cm
  • Cover material is 100% cotton
  • Filing material is 100% polyester fibers. 


  • 1 Pillow
  • 1 Pillowcase
  • Instructions