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STAR MASTER - Gizmos Star Projector - Black

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The Star Master uses projector technology to project thousands of stars onto the walls and ceiling of your room!

Simply press the bulb button in the center of the projector to project the star like images.

Add some color to the display by pressing the LED button at the same time.

You'll be amazed at the beautiful array of color!


  • works perfectly in a dark room
  • Star button to operate star mode
  • LED Button to activate 4 color changing LED lights
  • Projects a realistic star show of 10,000 stars onto your roon
  • Mimics the changing night sky by changing cycles
  • Display transforms according to season and month
  • 4 Bright, energy efficient, LED lights
  • Perfect for slumber parties or events
  • Doubles as a night light or room projector
  • 3 AA Batteries required for use (not included)
  • Multi-coloured splashes of light
  • Flashing star mode
  • Product Dimensions (Approx.): Heigth: 120 mm / Diameter of the pedestal: 108 mm
  • Color available: Black