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Thermo Slim Neoprene Waist Clincher

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The Thermo Slim Neoprene Waist Clincher is an effective waist shaper that tucks your waist in and accentuates your bust. It will also assist in correcting your posture.
This clincher, worn as an undergarment, will make you look shapely and curvaceous in any clothing item. Unlike a corset, the waist clincher has no uncomfortable boning or wiring worked into it’s lining. It is comfortable and allows you to move freely.

Used for 2-6 hours a day (according to your comfort level) to help you sweat and burn fat as well as correct your posture. With a proper diet and moderate exercise, you can lose up to 10 centimetres in your midsection in less than 30 days.


  • Available in bright blue.
  • Sizes: Medium, Large
  • All sizes are 25cm in length.
  • Frontal extender with 3 hooks.
  • Material: 87% Latex, 10% polyamide, 3% elastane.
  • *This product contains latex. If you suspect you are allergic to latex, we strongly suggest you do not purchase this item.