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uCool - Body Cooling Band

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The uCool is a personal cooling system that fits comfortably and securely around the neck to provide instant relief from the heat.

Without using any fans, refrigeration or batteries, the uCool has the ability to cool you off fast, easy and naturally.

It is great to use while exercising, for a hot day on the job, outdoor recreation, gardening and more.

The uCool is perfect for both adults and children.

All you need to do to get the uCool working is simply spray or soak the fins with water and put it on. Once done, the uCool puts to work, its wick technology, which quadruples the natural evaporative cooling process without employing fans.

Evaporative cooling is known to carry heat away from your body, leaving you much cooler.

The personal cooler can assist for hours, depending on the heat conditions you are surrounded by, you may just need to respray or soak it again it kick-start the cooling process again.