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VR Box Virtual Reality Headset

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VR Box Virtual Reality Headset

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?

Get the best accessory for your smartphone!

Another way to see the world...

Anything is possible!

Watch what you wanna watch and Play what you wanna play with this 3D Virtual Reality Glasses.

Watch movies, Play games, do anything with a whole new experience!


  • Amazing 3D Picture Effects
  • Get an awesome experience with your existing phone - Actual 3D feeling effects!
  • Convenient To Use
  • Unrivaled comfort, with easy to wear for longer usage. Watch an entire movie in a 3D theater like experience without any discomfort. Use it while standing or sitting or lying. Perfect for all age groups.
  • Ready to Use
  • Just slide in your phone, download free apps for your smartphone from the app store and start experiencing the Reality behind the virtual screen. Or you can login to your YouTube account and watch ready to watch 3D movies for Virtual Reality Glasses.
  • Compatibility
  • These Virtual Reality Glasses are compatible with a wide range of smartphones.
  • Personal Experience
  • Thanks to the design, only you can see what you want to see. No one else can see what you are watching. Access your private pictures and videos with 100% privacy using the Virtual Reality Glasses.
  • All Age Groups
  • The Virtual Glasses Headset is designed to make sure that all age groups can use this device - Thanks to the lens adjusting buttons available for both the lenses. Convenient mid line alignment for precise visual configuration.
  • Durable & Quality
  • Constructed from high quality ABS plastic with spherical resin lenses to bring you picture perfect 3D effects. The sliding phone tray lets you insert your smartphone in seconds.
  • Comfort
  • Due to the elastic head mouth the weight of the Virtual Glasses are transferred to the head instead of your face or eyes. Great for movie experiences and gamer's.


  • Black-White
  • Plastic
  • 19 (w) x 10 (h) x 13 (d)