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Willson Silane Car Guard

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Restores your cars shine and sheen and lasts a very long time. Additionally, it provides a water repellent effect to the car's shell. Reliably protects against minor scratches during mechanical and manual cleaning. Protects the paintwork from the aggressive influences of salt reagents in the winter season and strong alkaline shampoos. Applicable for cars of all colors.


  • The car stays clean longer and is easier to clean
  • Shine and protection for up to 1 year
  • Water repellent effect
  • For all colors and shades
  • Easy to apply
  • Composition: Polymers based on silane, petroleum solvent, hardener

Kit includes:

  • Silane Guard
  • A sponge applicator for coating the body of the car
  • A napkin for spacing
  • Latex gloves to protect the skin
  • Instruction