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Wraptastic Food Wrap Dispenser

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The Wraptastic food wrap dispenser is one of the best and easiest ways to preserve your food. All you need to do is put your favourite wrapping material like foil, cling wrap, parchment paper etc. in the Wraptastic, pull, press and cut.

Depending on the size of your cling wrap or foil roll, you have the choice of using it either with or without the spring-loaded placeholders. This will ensure that your cling wrap or foil is securely placed in the Wraptastic, without shifting around while it is in use.

Wraptastic Features:

  • The Wraptastic is easy to store and fits in most kitchen drawers.
  • It makes precision cuts every time and stops your foil or cling wrap from bunching up.
  • Great for quickly and easily wrapping up your meals.
  • For protection purposes, the steel blade retracts.
  • Thanks to the rubber feet featured at the bottom of the Wraptastic, you are ensured that it won’t slide across your counter tops while you are trying to wrap your goods.