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Xglide Speed Painter

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Xglide is a speed painter that has two different paint rollers attached to it, which will enable you to do a variety of painting tasks quickly.

You can use it to paint entire walls, fix up damaged or dull areas, and paint or repaint furniture.

This device has super-absorbent fibers that will lock the paint into the rollers so it won't come off until the rollers have touched a surface.

Therefore, you won't experience the same dripping and spattering that you likely would with other paint rollers.


That means you won't need to tape up areas that you don't want covered in paint, and you won't have to switch to a smaller brush to complete certain areas.

The Xglide's two super-absorbent rollers will enable you to complete your painting jobs at about two times the speed as you would with a standard roller.

Using this device will make it easy to paint inside and outside corners or even paint an entire wall without getting unneeded paint on your trim.

You'll also be able to paint both sides of an object at the same time, and paint around controls on your wall, such as those for heat, without splattering paint on them. This device is so effective since the angle of its rollers can be adjusted, and their fibers will conform to the texture of any surface.


  • Paint 2X faster & easier
  • Great for tight spaces
  • Edge like a professional.
  • Do outside and inside corners
  • No tapes or brushing required
  • No drips or paint spatter
  • Comes with 4 roller sponges
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