Kids Trampoline with Safety Net

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  • Kids Trampoline with Safety Net
  • Kids Trampoline with Safety Net
  • Kids Trampoline with Safety Net
  • Kids Trampoline with Safety Net
  • Kids Trampoline with Safety Net
  • Kids Trampoline with Safety Net
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Trampoline with Safety Net


  • Heavy-duty rust-resistant galvanized steel frame for extra safety and stability
  • Netting with zipper enclosure for long-lasting quality and extra safety
  • Padded spring cover adds additional safety and helps prevent contact with spring


  • Steel pipe material: steel pipe
  • Fabric material: PP cloth
  • Mesh material: EPE material


  • Please install a trampoline in a dry, clean and open environment
  • If it is not used correctly, the bed is dangerous and harmful
  • Please be sure to use it on flat ground, otherwise, the trampoline will be displaced in the use process
  • The mainframe connection will be displaced! The welding area of the mainframe will also be damaged
  • Only for 3 children
  • Please wear socks to use the trampoline
  • Do not wear shoes on a trampoline
  • Do not wear glasses, armour, jewellery, watches and other hard objects on the trampoline
  • Please use in the middle of the trampoline
  • Please try to avoid touching the fabric first with your knees to avoid injury.
  • Do not turn the heel on the trampoline. It will cause serious injury. 
  • During the use of the trampoline, it is forbidden for others to get under the trampoline or sit, stand and lie on the trampoline cover.
  • Do not use the trampoline alone, the parents must be present
  • Ensure that there are no obstacles within the safe distance of the trampoline. Two meters around the trampoline and three meters above the trampoline.
  • Do not use a trampoline in a humid and windy environment
  • Have heart disease, pacemaker users, pregnant women, disabled people, elderly people do not use


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