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Book Safe

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Not only does the cleverly disguised Book Safe keep your valuables under lock and key, it could easily be mistaken for just another book on your shelf, and the last thing that a thief will have time to do when hunting for swag is to go rifling through the dictionary to find the definition of outfoxed.


  • Paperback English Dictionary Cover Design.
  • It Looks Just Like A Genuine Book On The Book Shelf.
  • In A Line Of Similar Types of Books It Would Be Impossible To Distinguish This From The Real Thing.
  • Keep your valuables secure with this ingenious book shaped safe!
  • Really Sturdy, Especially For Those Who Have Small Amount Of Valuables, Its A Great Way To Hide Things.
  • Fits Into The Bookshelf Nicely.
  • Easy to carry while travelling, Its Perfect To Store Away Those Valuables Fit A Wallet Passport And Small Items, Like Cash, Jewelry, Cards, etc.
  • Material: steel