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Deluxe Car Caddy

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Road Trip’s are fun!

The open highways, Beautiful scenery, the promise of great memories to come and that one friend that thinks they can sing, treating you to a live performance of your now, least favorite song.

All part of the fun!

But anyone who’s had a couple of road trips knows that it’s a smart idea to rest frequently as possible and to always stay alert.

This is made possible by always keeping refreshments close by and readily available and nothing does that better than the Deluxe Car Caddy.

The Deluxe Car Caddy is the best co-pilot for long trips and even inner city travel.

It’s got a host of great features like High grade Aluminum film protection for temperature control so your snacks always stay fresh and it’s also easy to clean.

Another great highlight of the Deluxe Car Caddy is the dedicated portable Tissue box with internal TU skin. It strap’s on to your car seat and stays there, no more searching for the sweets between stops.

If exploring is your thing and you love taking your car on adventures with you than the Deluxe Car Caddy is a no Brainer. Buy Yours Today!

Product Features:

  • Aluminum Film Protection
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ideal as a Gift
  • Portable tissue box
  • Magic Buckle for convenient assembly
  • Dimensions: 350mm x 180mm x 400mm