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Garlic Master Cutter

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Stop struggling cutting and mincing garlic.

The Garlic Master is the revolutionary cutter that precision cuts 81 perfect cubes with a simple twist. 

Simply pop the peeled garlic cloves in the Garlic Master and then twist.

The stainless steel cutting grid creates perfect garlic cubes in just seconds.

Perfect to add right on top of food or in a dish you're cooking. 

The secret is as you twist the top of the press drives the cloves through a stainless steel cutting grid of 16 razor sharp blades.

Then a second blade cuts the clove into 81 perfect cubes with not waste and no mess. 

Now anyone can cut garlic cloves in a split second.

Just twist the top to bring a burst of natural flavor and nutrients to all your meals.

Or store in the frig for future use in the handy odor free storage case.


  • PRECISE: 81 perfect cubes with every twist
  • DELICATE: Full flavor and preserving of valuable ingredients
  • RESIDUE-FREE: No leftovers
  • NOT STICKY: Cubes drop directly on the food
  • EXACT:  Seasoning during cooking or at the table
  • AROMA SAFE: Thanks to the practical lid
  • EASY: Ergonomic handling and uncomplicated cleaning
  • Color: White