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Posture Support Brace

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Do you feel back pain while working for prolonged hours?

Do you experience neck pain during break time?

If yes, then you had a solid reason to opt for a Real Doctors Posture Support Brace.

As back and neck pain are the symptoms of bad posture, these can be fixed by a correct posture support, offered by Real Doctors; a brand known for providing ultimate posture support solutions. Our posture support brace is a once and forever posture corrector, relieves back, neck and spine ache. Wearing Real Doctors posture support transforms the miserable busy lifestyle into a healing activity. 


  • Provides support and warmth to relieve pain. Say goodbye to aching back pain and slouching shoulders.
  • The Unisex Adjustable Magnetic Posture Correction Neoprene back support is the most recommended brace in the market by Doctors and Physiotherapists.
  • Designed by back experts, this brace aims to provide both stability and flexibility to the users by improving posture. The lightweight design gives the user complete freedom of movement.


    • Available in sizes S, M, XL, XXL, 3XL