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Sidewalk Jumbo Chalk

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Get creative! Bigger is Better!

Use this chunky colored chalks on many surfaces - great for creative art on blackboards, paper & card.

These jumbo chalks fit easily in small hands and are the ideal material for decorating outdoor spaces! Suitable for chalking on pavements & playgrounds.

Kids will love these chunky chalk sticks and can be safely and creatively amused decorating all sorts of spaces; walls, pavements, and more!

Chalking makes an easy and fun early years mark marking activity.

The chalk easily washes off drawing surfaces, skin, and most clothing.

Choose between:

  • Marbled
  • Striped


  • These jumbo sidewalk chalks are strong, non-toxic and great fun for outdoor mark making.
  • Goes onto walls, doors and pavements as easy as it comes off.
  • 4 jumbo chalks
  • Dust free and clean and environmentally safe.
  • Great gift for your child.
  • Draw a map, outline a house or make a field; ­do anything you can imagine in outdoor.