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Taco Rack

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The taco grilling rack is the perfect way to fire up a fiesta at your grill.

This unique rack is contoured to hold 4 tacos for assembly and melting right at the grill or oven.

After the meats are cooked, place the Cuisinart non-stick taco grilling rack on the grill.

Put corn or flour tortillas in the folds of the contoured rack and heat them for a minute or two.

Unlike racks made of wire that don't adequately support the taco shell,

Cuisinart's taco rack is made from heavy weight sheet steel featuring die cut windows that allow just the right amount of warm air to circulate around the tortillas, resulting in perfectly toasted crispy shells.

A hand hold on each end of the rack make it easy to lift from the grill and serve directly at the table.


  • Holds 4 tacos for cooking and serving
  • Non-stick coating makes clean up a breeze
  • Shape helps distribute heat and prevent tortillas from burning
  • Use it on the grill or in the oven


  • Size: 36.8 x 16.1 x 8.89cm
  • Material: Anodized Steel