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Telescopic Ladder

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A ladder? No, not just a ladder...

A symbol of self-reliance, of life change, of moving on and moving up.

Practical? Yes.

Meaningful? Yes!

The Telescopic Ladder - removing the space barrier of regular ladders.

A strong, durable, safe product created that now grants access to any space from any storage place!

So who needs a ladder? Well, we’ll tell you!


Yes – graduates are an ideal candidate for a ladder. Taking that first big step into adulthood and self-reliance, while possibly still driving the first car they ever bought. Having a ladder means they don’t have to ask mom & dad to borrow theirs, and ushers them into a new era of learning to do things for themselves.

Contractors - Painters - DIY-ers

The Telescopic ladder has sturdy, extendable feet for additional stability. These heavy-duty ladders are transportable in any vehicle, from professional contractor vans to the weekend handyman’s smart car. These ladders allow for more space for materials and tools, adding efficiency to every job - big and small.


Wedding gifts have consistently trended toward the practical, setting the new couple up for success by getting them the necessary tools for a new life together. This includes everything from power tools to kitchen supplies. So a ladder is (no pun intended) truly a great fit. Will they be moving into a starter house in their future, but still live in a smaller space currently? The storable feature of the Telescopic Ladder grows with their home, future, and family.

Downsizing empty-nesters - condo & apartment dwellers

Anyone with a small living space knows the importance of optimizing every square foot for convenience and usability. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t still tasks at hand that need a little lift to approach. Storing easily in closets, under the bed, or in a small storage space, this is the ladder that fits every job and every lifestyle.

Anyone without a work truck

Seriously. Work comes in all shapes and sizes, so do tasks and where we have to do them. However, we don’t all have access to a ladder rack or work truck. Telescopic ladders remove the barrier of transportation, space, and time. The innovative telescoping technology is a game-changer on the professional and personal home-improvement front.


  • Telescopic Ladder 2.6m / 3.8m / 4.4m / 5.2m / 5.6m / 6m
  • Easy to store
  • Ideal for use as a loft ladder and for around the home/workplace
  • Great for cleaning windows, painting, decorating etc.
  • Safely easy-to-use locking mechanism
  • Quickly & easily extends rung by rung to the required height
  • Soft close anti pinch finger protection
  • Easily extends
  • Materials: Aluminium frame, PVC heavy duty sides
  • Approx. Max load: 150kg