Alpen 3.2mm Cobalt Drill Bit for Stainless Steel - Short Pouch

High-Efficiency Cobalt Drill for Tough Metals

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HSS PZ-COBALT STUB DRILLS BITSSize: Ø 3.2 x 49/18 mmPackaged: Qty 1Range of application:5% cobalt-alloyed high-efficiency drills with re-inforced web. Specially suitable for drilling stainless steel, acid-resisting steel, springsteel. Best for hand held operations.StrengthsSelf-centering, due to a special point shapeMore stable due to re-inforced webExtra short design for hand held drillsSpecially suitable for drilling stainless steel, acid-resisting steel, springsteelBest for hand held operationsBreak-resistant designHigh accurate centeringAlpen drill bits are manufactured in Austria.

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High-Efficiency Cobalt Drill for Tough Metals
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