Andorse Massager For Face and Body 3D

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Andorse Massager For Face and Body 3D

This handy gadget will become your personal “masseur” at home and an excellent alternative to salon procedures. Spending only 10-15 minutes a day on problem areas, very soon you will get an excellent result: a noticeable face lift and an elastic body.

  • Two lymphatic drainage rollers with a radius of rotation of 360 degrees, while scrolling, capture a layer of skin between themselves, effectively working it out.
  • The small triangular edges of the rollers help to further improve local microcirculation.
The massager will be an excellent helper in sculpting the face. Using it regularly will help:
  • get rid of the double chin, tighten the oval of the face;
  • restore freshness and elasticity to the skin, improve its general condition;
  • increase muscle plasticity, reduce the severity of wrinkles.
The massager works great on body shaping. It contributes to:
  • reduction of visible stretch marks;
  • study of problem areas;
  • prevention of the appearance of edema and cellulite.

  • Color: Black

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