Dessert Decorator Plus

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This decorating tool is great for both the beginner and the seasoned pro for some fancy baking during the holidays or for any special occasion!

One hand does it all- elegant shells, stars and leaves, beautiful script messages, pretty bows and flowers!

The Dessert Decorating Plus set includes various decorating tips that are easy to change. So, you can use the same color icing to make stars, then switch to a dot with a simple twist and swap.

The pull-out plunger eliminates icing waste as it scrapes the edge of the barrel like a spatula as you decorate.


  • Dessert Decorator Plus
  • Various decorating tips to make it easy to get creative
  • Pull-out plunger makes it easy for anyone to decorate (left-handed or right-handed)
  • Holds approximately 1-1/4 cups of icing or filling
  • Package Includes: 5x Decorating Tips, 1x See-Through Barrel, 1x Pull-Out Plunger


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