Nail Drill Set

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Nail Drill Set

A complete, easy-to-use mani-pedi nail care solution for use in the safety & comfort of your own home.

Chipped nails are now perfectly shaped and filed. Damaged nails are rejuvenated and gel residue easily removed. Dull, drab nails are buffed for an instant natural shine. Painlessly remove unsightly cuticles with precision, and buff and clean for shiny, smooth ready-to-polish nails.


  • Salon-quality tools for all your mani-pedi needs
  • Shape & file, grind & smooth, buff & shine and clean up your nails like a pro!
  • LED light for a clear view of the nails
  • Get beautiful nails in the safety & comfort of your own home
  • Rechargeable and cordless
  • Professional grade nail heads


  • 2 Speeds - Hi/Lo, 2 Directions - Forward & Reverse for fast and easy use
  • USB 5V 

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