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Every smoker knows that their chosen vice isn't good for them. Every smoker knows the risks and dangers of smoking. Every smoker worries about the financial and physical costs of smoking - and yet, we carry on, because every smoker knows it's going to be impossible to stop. WRONG! Stopping smoking is possible for every smoker who wants to stop. It needn't cost the earth - or your sanity - to do it and the physical and psychological benefits are immense.

Every smoker wants a magic wand to help them quit and research shows that the power to effect this miracle is at your fingertips. Quit Smoking will equip you with powerful psychological methods to short-circuit your habit, whether you're a pack-a-week part-time smoker or a two-packs-a-day hardened pro! Changes in the law throughout the world are making it plain that smoking will soon be as socially unacceptable as drink-driving. There has never been a better time to stop and this book will help you to do it.

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