Solar LED String Fairy Lights

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  • Solar LED String Fairy Lights
  • Solar LED String Fairy Lights
  • solar-led-string-fairy-lights-snatcher-online-shopping-south-africa-28886509093023.jpg
  • solar-led-string-fairy-lights-snatcher-online-shopping-south-africa-28886222176415
  • Solar LED String Fairy Lights
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  • Solar LED String Fairy Lights
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Solar LED String Fairy Lights

These lights are the epitome of versatility


  • Solar Powered: These lights are powered by the sun, meaning that you don't need to hunt for batteries or stress about the electricity bill.
  • Flexible: The copper wire allows the lights to be moulded into any shape or symbol. The lights can be strategically arranged in any way you choose.
  • Versatile: They can be tucked between leaves of plants, or hung across the roof for all to see.
  • These lights are limitless!
  • 8 Modes: Would you like a soft, continuous glow, or an upbeat flashing light?
  • Either way, we have you covered.
  • Waterproof Rating: IP44
  • Power: Solar Powered


  • String Length: 10m, 20m
  • Light Colour: Warm-White or Multi-Colour
  • Materials: Copper Wire, Plastic, Rubber

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