Stair Sleeper for Dogs

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R1,829.00 - R2,639.00

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Stair Sleeper for Dogs

All-In-One Stairs & Mattress Combo

  • Dog-O-Pedic has manufactured the first-ever Stair Sleeper in South Africa.
  • With one flip your Stair Sleeper can be used as stairs to your couch or bed.
  • Flip your Stair Sleeper again and it becomes a luxurious mattress for
  • your best furry friend.
  • The Stair Sleeper is made from HD foam which is ideal for any furry friend with or without medical conditions.
  • The Stair Sleeper when used as steps will not move as there is anti-slip material at the bottom of the Stair Sleeper.
  • This will greatly help your furry friend that may have medical conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, get up painlessly and effortlessly.
  • The covers are made from suede.
  • The covers come with an easily removable zip cover that can be washed.
  • The Stair Sleeper is ideal for dogs that have reached their golden years or that are struggling with medical conditions.

  • Size:
    • Medium - L 65cm H 44cm W 60cm
    • Large - L 75cm H 40cm W 70cm
    • Giant - L 80cm H 34cm W 95cm
    • Jumbo - L 100cm H 30cm W 100cm
  • Material: Suede
  • Colour: Grey, Beige, Brown, Black
  • Includes: Comes with removeable zip cover & handle & anti-slip bottom

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