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Sweat Shaper

Want to turn up your workout and shed weight fast?

Look no further than the Sweat Shaper!

Similar to activewear but with a modern twist. Lined with a special heat-trapping polymer fabric that accelerates your body’s natural ability to produce heat, it creates a sauna-like experience, so you sweat more during exercise and everyday activities. Wear Sweat Shaper to burn more calories and get faster results without spending extra time at the gym.


  • Sweat More & Get Results: Sweat will literally be falling off your stomach, love handles, and other problem areas. As long as you’re sweating, Sweat Shaper is working. Whether you’re lifting weights, going for a run, or anything in between you can burn more calories without extra effort. Let Sweat Shaper do the work for you, and watch as you sweat more and get results fast!
  • Comfortable & Versatile: Lightweight and flexible, Sweat Shaper allows for your body’s full range of motion. With a higher stretch value when compared to other active tank tops and shirts, Sweat Shaper won’t get in the way of you performing at your best. With compression throughout, Sweat Shaper will support your muscles and let you move freely. Mobility meets breathability for a quick-drying effect that ensures you always feel fresh.
  • Choose Sweat Shaper: Sweat Shaper uses a special blend of performance compression and heat-trapping polymer fabrics which work together to seal in your natural body heat. Carefully calculated material construction consists of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex on the outside, while the inside is 100% Polyurethane. Sweat Shaper is completely neoprene-free because of the foul odour, added bulk, and neoprene has been known to cause skin reactions in some people. Choose Sweat Shaper for a consistent calorie burn that can help you achieve your dream body.

Heat Trapping Polymer Fabric:

  • Promotes Sweating
  • Great For Exercise & Everyday Activities
  • Instantly Shapes & Slims
  • Helps Shed Water Weight

Available in:

  • Men
  • Female

Please Note: Sizes runs small, order at least one size up from your normal size.

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